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30 & 60 minute sessions

Virtual Private Coaching

At MyWholeBody our focus is on your whole picture: movement, nutrition, hydration, breathing, sleeping, thoughts and emotions. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” program. Our one on one sessions start by carefully assessing you scientifically and holistically in order to identify the roadblocks to your success. Once we’ve gotten a snapshot of your unique blueprint, we customize a plan of care based on how you are ready to move forward and at what pace. Plans are customized to meet both time and financial constraints. We also offer satellite coaching for those who travel frequently or don’t live in town.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln
Functional Strength & Conditioning

Virtual Group Training

Our virtual group training groups consist of 8 people. They are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to achieve: strength, stability, endurance, power, mobility and agility WITHOUT the risk of injury. Sessions are one hour in length and catered to the needs of each individual participating to ensure maximum benefit with minimal risk. Every session is a compilation of different movements that are progressive in order to continually challenge everyone as they become stronger and more stable. No two sessions are alike. In order to address each participants specific needs, it is required to have completed at least one individual coaching session with Nikki or Wendy in order to participate.



Specific and complex techniques that require strong attention to form and correct progressions

Myofascial Stretches


The ELDOA exercises and Myofascial Stretches are specific techniques created by world renowned osteopath, Guy VOYER DO. ELDOA METHOD Classes are semi private group classes organized by student practitioner, Nikki Costello, who uses a combination of these techniques to deliver the most beneficial sessions possible. Every class is designed to respect the proper progressions and order of the techniques as taught by Dr. Voyer to ensure quality. These classes will vary depending on the needs of those participating. There will be an intentional goal set for each designated class and will be ever changing to continually challenge each individual while encouraging their overall improvements.

Benefits Include:

  • Normalize Disc Bulges                                                      
  • Reduced Degrees of Scoliosis
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Muscle Performance and Tone
  • Normalization of Visceral Function
  • Reduced Stress
  • Injury Recovery and Prevention
  • Reduced Joint Inflammation and Arthrosis
  • Delayed Disc Degeneration
  • Increased Disc Hydration
  • Increased Blood Flow
Importance of Form
Structural Benefits

Qi Gong Class

Designed to calm anxiety, uplift spirit and strengthen energy.

Mindful Practice

Qi Gong Class

Similar to Yoga, Qi Gong is a mindful practice that uses movement, breath and visualization to create a state of balanced strength and relaxation. Qi gong can be modified for all fitness levels and offers a great opportunity to learn about the mechanics of energy in the body. In this 6 week series you will learn the Golden Chi Ball Circuit, The Microcosmic Orbit, Tai Chi walking, healing sounds, and more!


Pre & Post Natal Care

Pre and post natal care program

Description coming soon…

Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breath Work on Vibrational Sound Boards

This class is taught by Nikki at I-ReVibe Studio just around the corner. It is 75 minutes and a special combination of breath work combined with acoustic resonance therapy on vibrational sound boards to expedite your experience of physical, emotional and mental rejuvenation.

Developing a relationship with your breath is the first step to accessing the natural healing your body has to offer. Your breath alone heals and transforms the physical body by supporting the release of limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and trauma. 

We will begin your breath work experience with 5 specific breath patterns in order to balance  the alpha, beta, gamma, theta and delta brainwaves. You will then be guided through a circular breathing technique in order to experience the depth and power of your breath in a safe and supportive environment. This type of breathing is designed to activate the pineal gland and train the brain into a higher operating gamma brainwave state. The gamma brainwave state is associated with bursts of insight, high-level information processing, increased short term memory and the ability to maintain emotional stability.




Resolve pain, regulate your nervous system and experience yourself as more integrated.

Wendy uses fascial release, joint mobilization, structural balancing and energy meridian clearing techniques to resolve acute and chronic pain, restoring a healthy body connection.


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