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Nikki Costello

https://cialisgenerisk.com/Nikki Costello is the owner and creator of MyWholeBody . She is a NESTA certified personal trainer and is trained in Advanced Mat Pilates as well as Injuries and Special Populations with STOTT Pilates. Nikki is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach with the CHEK institute. She currently operates MyWholeBody in Boulder Colorado and has spent the last 4 years developing and teaching therapeutic exercise protocols with Dr. Mark Barnes at SOMA Physical Therapy- a clinic specializing in spine care and rehabilitating the body as a whole. Nikki currently has 20 years and over 60,000 hours of experience coaching both individuals and groups. She has also interned with physical therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and neuromuscular therapists. 

Nikki credits her talent of achieving lasting results with the most challenging of cases to her education, love for learning and her own personal experience. She was a ranked competitive gymnast for 10 years before a spinal injury steered her away from the sport. After gymnastics, she moved forward competitively in track, cross country, dance and cheerleading where she earned the honor of state champion and went on to cheer with the national champion University of Kentucky Wildcats.

In 38 Years, Nikki has endured more traumatic injuries and health issues as a result of her love of movement and sport than most people will encounter their entire lives. By 25, she was plagued with pain, injuries and limitations as a result of multiple car accidents and the wear and tear from 16 years of competitive sports. At 26, she was told by doctors she should never run again and that in order to become pain free, her only option was dangerous pain meds, injections and stopping most of what she loved. Instinctually, she knew that couldn’t be the case. Nikki believed in the bodies inherent ability to recover and was determined to heal herself both inside and out as naturally as she could. Today, Nikki is pain free and doing everything she loves including running, mountain biking, skiing, yoga and dance.

Nikki developed and fine tuned MyWholeBody as a result her quest to be strong and healthy again. It is her answer for finding simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. By combining science, experience and wisdom, Nikki has cultivated an incredible ability to meet people where they are and find the most efficient road to get them where they’re going. She brings compassion, enthusiasm and inspiration to each of her clients while offering a logical, systematic approach for achieving results often thought to be far from reach. Even though Nikki enjoys working with clients of all kinds, she has a special love for working with highly complex cases as well as pre and post natal women.