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David Fairman


david fairmanPNMT, AMT, LMT
Massage Therapist

I have been in practice in clinical massage therapy for over 24 years, mostly right here in Boulder, Colorado.  I hold advanced certifications in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, Advanced Myofascial Therapy, and Shiatsu.  I am licensed in Colorado.

As an honors graduate of Boulder School of Massage therapy in 1996, I soon joined a collaborative health care team at a local chiropractic center where I continue my practice to this day.   I have spent the last 24 years treating clients with either chronic or acute presentations, facilitating more ease and less pain.  I am excited to bring my skills to the My Whole Body community, to support clients who are actively focused on improving their physical wellbeing.

Taking an active role in our own wellbeing is essential for continued good health as we age.  My goal through massage treatment is to provide you with the highest level of care and maintenance, and a better understanding of your body.  Through the process of assessment and treatment, we gently uncover the territory of you, providing a detailed picture of where you are today as well as the road ahead.

I have been a climber, biker, hiker, runner, skier, sailor, and paddler; long enough to know the joys of a body working well and reaching far.  As my zeal for such things shifts towards more gentle activity, I now find myself playing more guitar, hiking to lakes, wildflowers, and waterfalls, ski touring, and biking for cardio fun.  As I age, I am increasingly aware of the need we all have to keep the body in tune to meet the continuing challenges and stresses of everyday life.

Good bodywork and personal fitness training are a super helpful combination to stay in tune and feeling good.  I’m happy for the invitation to join this team and I look forward to supporting you in your health and lifestyle goals through high-level bodywork.

Neuromuscular Therapy: addresses the body from a detailed anatomical and functional understanding of muscles, tendons, nerves, nervous system, bones, and joints.  Orthopedic assessments may be used to refine the goals of treatment.

Myofascial Therapy: addresses the body by relieving, releasing, and creating space in the fascial structure: the webbed connective tissue which wraps us, supports us, and binds us together.  Fascia has high tensile strength and also moves and shifts as a dynamic closed hydraulic system able to conduct chi through its watery structural network.

Shiatsu: addresses, stirs, and stimulates the movement of chi throughout the body via the non-physical pathways known as meridians.  Shiatsu helps to clear and balance us, to better orient within ourselves and within the surrounding energy field.  We are more than just a physical body.  Our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects are all equal parts of our whole being; no part being devisable from the whole.  Chi (or Qi – life force energy*) is the energy which flows through all these parts and gives us integrity.  Smoothly flowing, chi helps regulate and balance all of our aspects.  Supporting good chi flow supports us in better health and wellbeing.  Cultivating our awareness of chi as the wellspring of life is often an evolutionary leap for the Western mind.  I see it as a vital step toward re-establishing the right relationship with self and the natural world.

*Inquire with Wendy Woods about her Qi Gong classes.  Her classes are exceptional.

Relaxation massage: If you are looking for a pure relaxation massage…we can work that way too.  Relaxation is an often overlooked doorway to deep healing.  It is an art to support pure physical relaxation without pursuing the 10,000 things.  After 24 years in clinical practice, I am still frequently reminded of the importance of “simple” relaxation.  It’s no small thing in this busy world.  Such a session would likely include shiatsu, and a combination of Swedish strokes, manual lymph drainage techniques, plenty of work on hands, feet, and head, and intuitively listening to what your body is asking for.

 Over the years, I have spent most of my hours in clinical treatment mode.  People usually come to me in some level of pain or dysfunction.  This is where I excel.  I am all about getting in there and getting after whatever is begging for attention: that painful spot, limited range of motion, nerve entrapment, trigger points, headaches, TMJ issues, back pain, tight shoulders, hip pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel or thoracic outlet symptoms, sciatica, hamstring issues, that car accident, whiplash, etc.

My superpower is finding areas where you had no idea you are sore.  When these spots are addressed, deep relaxation and improved function are soon to follow.

I welcome the opportunity to support you in your wellness goals.